The following instructions are guidelines only, outlining the ideal time, clothes, space and circumstances to listen to your entrainex tracks.
It is not always possible to tick all the boxes but trying to follow as many of them as possible with greatly enhance your experience.
A PDF of this help file is included in each download.
Where and how
How to prepare and listen to the tracks.
The best time to listen to each entrainex track
The best way to start and finish listening to the tracks.
What to wear to be comfortable.
Please read carefully before listening to any entrainex track.
The most commonly asked questions about listening to entrainex tracks.
Where and how
These instructions apply to all but the SLEEP and Cauldron of Changes tracks (see relevant sections below).
Firstly, make sure that you will not be disturbed for around 50 minutes.
Decide where you are going to listen to your track.
The room should be well ventilated, not drafty but warm and dimly lit.
Find a comfortable chair or cushion where you can sit with your spine straight and with your back supported. Let your hands rest gently in your lap. You can link them if you wish - whatever is most comfortable for you.
If you are going to listen to the track through speakers, make sure that you are correctly positioned to get the full benefit of the stereo sound.
Switch off/unplug your phone, tell your friends and family that you are not to be disturbed - you may even want to put a note on the door.
It is advisable not to listen to your tracks within a couple of hours of eating a big meal, drinking alcohol or caffeine, smoking or taking drugs, though you should also not be hungry or thirsty, as these things may distract you.
As you listen, you may find it helpful to concentrate on your breathing. Do not change it, but simply observe it.
Find a time that is convenient to listen once every day. It is best not to listen to ADDICTIONS tracks when you are tired, as you are not intended to sleep during the session. Try to get into a routine. You can also listen to a track if you feel a strong craving coming on. The more often you listen to your track, the more quickly your body will respond to it.
Listen to these tracks, with or without the script, whenever you are feeling anxious, stressed, fearful or negative. They are designed to be extremely calming and help you reach a relaxed state quickly and without effort.
The more you listen to your track, the more quickly your body will respond to it.
For anxiety issues, we also recommend the use of our SMR sessions, Sensory Motor Rhythm helps make long term changes to mood and emotional stability, enabling you to cope with any situation.
The Cauldron of Changes group intention track can be listened to any time. For more information about this track please visit
The Ambient Creative Brainstorming track can be used while you are in the creative process by sparking random, unpredictable thoughts and ideas, firing your imagination and inspiration. It is ideal for brainstorming, inventing and analysing creative ideas.
Listen alone, or with others, keeping your eyes open.
The Natural Creative Focus track can also be used while you are in the creative process when you specifically need to focus and concentrate on the task in hand. It can be used while you are performing any creative activity like writing, painting or performing.
Keep your eyes open for this session.
Should you choose to listen to these tracks while working, alone or with others, play at a volume that is comfortable making sure you can all here the beats. Due to the hypnotic effect of the tracks, these are only to be used during the creative activity and NOT while driving, operating machinery etc.
Listen to these tracks whenever you feel tired or weary and need a little caffeine-free injection of energy to perk you up and help you keep going.
Whenever possible, listen to your tracks as soon as you feel a headache/migraine is developing.
To make long-lasting changes, we recommend you get into a routine of listening to a track once a day, even if you haven't got a headache, as this continue to reinforce the neural pathways that have been formed.
The ideal time to listen to a meditation track is the time that suits you best. You can listen to it whenever you feel the need, or create a routine. In this case, the main thing is to be consistent – whether that’s first thing in the morning, last thing at night or when you get home from work.
If you meditate at night, make sure that you are not too tired, so that you do not fall asleep.
Listen to these tracks whenever you need to. They will take you quickly down to a delta brainwave level to clear your mind, relax your body and get you off to sleep. Listen with headphones or through speakers - each experience is different.
For sleep issues, we also recommend using SMR sessions. Sensory Motor Rhythm is related to body motion, as well as the ability to concentrate and fall asleep. This will help make long-term changes to your sleep patterns, while also positively affecting focus, concentration, mood and much more.
Ideally, this track should be listened to regularly in the mornings. To reap the benefits, try to make this a routine.
To get the most out of your entrainex session it’s a good idea spend a couple of minutes checking your body for tension before you begin.
Once you are sitting or lying comfortably start to scan your body, from your toes up, for places where you are holding tension. Give a few seconds of attention to each part, breathing in and out steadily and releasing any tension you find. The jaw and shoulders tend to hold a lot of tension, and even your eyelids when you close your eyes.
By closing your eyes, you block out approximately 80% of external stimulus to the brain. You should aim to keep your eyes closed for the full length of the meditation.
With your eyes closed, if you like, you can try to move them slightly upwards. Doing this will already start producing large amounts of alpha brainwaves. Do not force this, and make sure you are comfortable.
If any thoughts come into your mind acknowledge them, then let them go and simply refocus on the sounds.
When the track finishes, take a few minutes to enjoy the silence before opening your eyes.
Whenever possible, it is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing, especially around the waist, so as not to impair breathing.
Brainwave entrainment is not recommended for the following:
- if you have a pacemaker
- if you are pregnant
While there is no evidence that audio brainwave entrainment can trigger a seizure, if you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures you may wish to consult your doctor before listening to these tracks.
We also advise you to consult your doctor if you are on any medication or have any medical
complaint that you believe to be relevant.
It is always advisable to consult your doctor before starting any new programme or regimen.
Please note: entrainex products are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. No medical claims are intended, expressed or implied.
Is brainwave entrainment safe?
Brainwave entrainment is perfectly safe and extremely beneficial for your whole system.
Please refer to the Contra-indications section above.
Is it ok to listen to the tracks when I've got a headache?
There is no reason why you cannot listen to your tracks when you've got a headache. Many
people find that a headache is relieved by listening to the tracks; if this is not the case for you, stop and listen to your track later.
I get quite thirsty when I'm listening to the tracks. Is this normal?
It is quite normal to get thirsty when listening to your track due to the increased blood flow to the brain. It is advisable to have a glass of water before you begin.
How loud should it be?
To get the best from your entrainex tracks, you should ideally listen to it on good quality equipment. It should be in stereo, but with other features, such as dolby, switched off. Do not adjust the bass or treble, as this will affect the efficiency of the track. The volume should be comfortably loud, After a few minutes, as you begin to go into a meditative state, you may no longer hear or distinguish any sounds clearly, which is perfectly normal.
Can I listen to the tracks during pregnancy?
While there is no evidence to suggest that brainwave entrainment is dangerous for pregnant women, we prefer to be cautious and therefore advice that do not listen to the tracks during pregnancy. Please refer to the Contra-indications above.
Should I try to concentrate on anything in particular while listening to the tracks?
Many people find it useful and relaxing to observe their breathing while listening to the tracks. Should any thoughts pop into your mind, observe them, then let them go. If you find yourself pursuing a thought, as soon as you are aware of this, let it go and go back to observing your breathing.
Can I play the tracks to my children?
Please refer to the Contra-indications section of this help file.
If there are no contra-indications, brainwave entrainment is great for children of all ages. The SLEEP tracks will work for them the same way as they do for adults. We also recommend the SMR tracks for children and students as, if used regularly, they can aid learning and concentration.