If you would like to be free of your addiction...
If you would like to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with giving up...
Whether you're trying to tackle it alone or are seeking outside help...
Research has shown that people with addictive personalities lack certain alpha brainwave activity. Whenever they are feeding their addiction (with food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc) they are stimulating that alpha activity in their brains.
The three alpha frequency sessions included in this pack train your brain to produce these patterns on its own, bringing relief from cravings, and making it easier for you to quit. You will eventually be able to let go of your addiction as you will no longer need it.
An optional visualisation script is included in the pack which uses CrossFlow sound technology to give you a specific focus for achieving self-confidence and inner strength.
“Using the Addictions tracks has made it so much easier for me to cut down on my smoking. I listen to them most days and always feel much calmer and happier afterwards. I now feel quite confident that I will soon stop altogether."
Patricia Gilliard, Medical translator
For full information on how to use these tracks please read the Help File, a copy of which is included in each download.
Sample compilation tracks of the Natural, Ambient and Raw soundscapes can be found here.
Natural ADDICTIONS (40 mins)
Ambient ADDICTIONS (40 mins)
Raw ADDICTIONS (40 mins)
ADDICTIONS PACK (contains Natural, Ambient and Raw tracks + bonus Natural with script )
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