Whether you feel a little overwhelmed, stressed, nervous or suffer from panic attacks...
If you would like to feel positive and confident in any situation...
If you would like to make permanent changes to your behaviour patterns...
The three theta frequency sessions included in this pack (Natural, Ambient and Raw) can be used whenever you are feeling anxious, stressed, or negative. These will quickly take your mind and body into a calm, relaxed state.
An optional suggestion script (like a guided meditation) is also included for the Ambient track. It uses CrossFlow sound technology, to help you feel strong, positive, and confident.
“I came into your shop while actually experiencing a panic attack. You let me listen to one of your tracks and within minutes I felt so much better. I now always have the tracks with me as I put them on my phone. I even used it last week when I had root canal treatment at the dentist. He said he wished all his patients used it!"
Leslie Wright, Solicitor
For anxiety issues, we also recommend the use of our SMR tracks. Sensory Motor Rhythm helps make long term changes to mood and emotional stability, enabling you to cope with any situation.
For full information on how to use these tracks please read the Help File, a copy of which is included in each download.
Sample compilation tracks of the Natural, Ambient and Raw soundscapes can be found here.
Natural ANXIETY (40 mins)
Ambient ANXIETY (40 mins)
Raw ANXIETY (40 mins)
ANXIETY PACK (contains Natural, Ambient and Raw tracks + bonus Ambient with script )
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