Every Saturday at 7pm (BST) join the growing worldwide intention group, the Cauldron of Changes, to bring kindness into the hearts of humanity.
To help you get into the right brainwave state and focus your intention, entrainex has partnered with Michelle Mari of WytchWyse to create a stunning bespoke 15-minute soundtrack, which you can download for free and listen to when you join in the group intention or at any other time you wish to send healing to the planet.
Based on the Cauldron of Changes mantra (Kindness and compassion have returned to the hearts of those who would destroy the Earth - The natural balance is restored - The creatures of the Land, the Sea and the Sky are protected from extinction by human kind), Michelle Mari has put together a Runic chant using four powerful runes, Gebo, Odhala, Algiz and Berkano which encompass the spirit of the intention.
Together with Michelle’s chanting, the track combines the sounds of the jungle and the ocean and has been designed to raise powerful energy.
The track also contains a subtle brainwave entrainment carrier frequency 7.83hz (The Schumann Resonance). The Schumann resonance is the Earth’s natural electromagnetic resonance.
Research shows that the mammalian brain relies on this for healthy living. Human-generated electro-magnetic sources (phones, wifi etc) disrupt this resonance, so it is important to reconnect with it whenever possible.
The track comprises a 5-minute opening, leading to the development of the runic chant, which marks the beginning of the intention. You can therefore time it so that the intention section starts at exactly 7pm.
Important: Due to the powerful hypnotic nature of the track and the use of brainwave entrainment, do not listen to this while driving or operating machinery.
For full information on how to use these tracks please read the Help File.
To listen to the track online and download it to your device CLICK HERE
Download instructions may vary depending on your browser.
SAFARI: right-click on the player and select 'download video'
CHROME: click on the three-dot menu button and select download
EDGE: right-click on the player and select 'save audio as'