If you have any form of creative block...
If you're searching for new ideas, new concepts or a fresh way of looking at things...
Whether you're a student, a professional, an artist or just dong something for fun...
Creative people tend to look at things differently; they have the ability to bring random ideas together to form new concepts in ways most of us would never dream of. This pack includes three very different sessions to stimulate this creative way of thinking in you.
The Creative Brainstorming track (Ambient) is ideal for brainstorming, inventing, and analysing creative ideas.
The Creative Focus track (Natural) can be used while you are accomplishing any creative activity, like writing, painting or performing.
These tracks can be listened to while you're working to create the mental state necessary to get you focused and get those creative juices flowing.
The Deep Relaxation track (Raw) enables you to clear your mind, allowing you to digest and process information.
"I am so pleased that I found this creativity pack. I use the Ambient track when I am writing and it really helps to calm me down and give me loads of ideas; they come so much easier, it is almost like it helps quieten that part of your brain that works too hard.
I have also found access to far deeper relaxation through the 'raw' eyes shut track which allows me to obtain optimum relaxation and a deep state of inspiration and calm very quickly.
Not only that but I've also used the 'natural' track when I have been about to go on stage to perform. It is incredible how useful it has been to have these tracks in my life. I'm now working my way through collecting the whole series. They are truly wonderful."
Jessica Pidsley, Actress and Author
For full information on how to use these tracks please read the Help File, a copy of which is included in each download.
Sample compilation tracks of the Natural, Ambient and Raw soundscapes can be found here.
Natural CREATIVITY (Creative Focus) (40 mins)
Ambient CREATIVITY (Creative Brainstorming)
(40 mins)
Raw CREATIVITY (deep meditation) (40 mins)
CREATIVITY PACK (contains Natural, Ambient and Raw tracks)
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