If you would like to be free of headaches or migraines...
If you find yourself reaching too often for pain killers...
Whether your headaches are occasional or regular...
Whether mild or intense...
Research shows that regular use of brainwave stimulation can considerably reduce the severity and frequency of headaches and migraines, and can result in them going altogether.
This pack includes three soundscapes (Natural, Ambient and Raw) which can be listened to at the onset of a headache or migraine. They are deeply calming and relaxing.
We recommend listening to the tracks daily/regularly even without a headache, to reinforce the new neural pathways that are being formed, for long term benefits.
“When my husband Gareth feels a stress-related headache coming on, he immediately reaches for his headphones and listens to one of the tracks. Within approx 10-15 minutes, he is back to normal and able to carry on with his working day. This innovative technology and calming sounds enable him to return to his usual calm state rapidly without the aid of drugs."
Heather Wax, Phlebotomist
For full information on how to use these tracks please read the Help File, a copy of which is included in each download.
Sample compilation tracks of the Natural, Ambient and Raw soundscapes can be found here.
Natural HEADACHES (40 mins)
Ambient HEADACHES (40 mins)
Raw HEADACHES (40 mins)
HEADACHES PACK (contains Natural, Ambient and Raw tracks)
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